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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

When this Coronavirus pandemic started, many Pediatricians felt forced to start doing Telemedicine visits to keep their practices going. The surprise to me was how much I liked these visits, which are a little less formal and more relaxed. I get an idea of the environment my patient is in and they can sometimes get a glimpse into my home. It’s very efficient and both parties seem very satisfied when we complete our visit together.

Telemedicine visits are perfect for these trying times

These are trying times for everyone during this pandemic but even more so for people with

ADHD, anxiety or depression.

Everyone has had to change their behavior and stay at home. This has affected the education of all students as they have had to adapt to these changes.

Patients with ADHD may find it harder to stay focused and get their work done and not procrastinate. Those prone to anxiety and depression may find themselves experiencing increased symptoms with the continuous distressing news cycle and social isolation. It is essential for these patients to continue their treatment and stay on track and not let this challenging situation get the better of them. ​

Many practices are shifting to telemedicine to be able to continue to manage their patients who are being treated for ADHD or other problems such as anxiety or depression so that their treatment program is not interrupted or compromised. These diagnoses are perfect for telemedicine visits.  ​​

RemotePediatrics,com is offering telemedicine appointments for these conditions and our patients are finding tremendous satisfaction with this new modality of care. Patients are instructed to weigh themselves, obtain a temperature and blood pressure reading prior to their appointment if possible.

When having a visit via telemedicine for these conditions, what is most important is the direct face to face communication with myself and the patient/parent over the video platform which allows us to communicate much better than if we were just speaking on the phone. I am able to review my patient’s online symptom questionnaires prior to the visit which helps aid me in the evaluation process to correctly diagnose and assess the severity of their condition as well as follow the response of their treatment. 

I am anticipating that once patients get used to this new modality that many will prefer the convenience of these types of virtual visits over the traditional office visits.

Doug Hasell, MD

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